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Payment Types Accepted

At this time we DO NOT take personal checks.
Please DON'T send us a personal check as we will return this to you and not follow through with the order.

We will accept your payment by mailed in Money Order. But the bad thing about this payment option is we are not holding your items to side awaiting your money order to arrive in the mail. Should the item you require between the time you get/mail your money order and the time we receive it sell out, we will be unable to provide that product to you. Stock amounts could change during the mailing time until we recieve the mailed in payment.

Please keep this in mind when using this payment option.

If you still would like to do this then Click Here to contact us via email about paying by Money Order and include the item name and item number.

We will send out your order once we have received your payment. Should you order more then one item and some of those items have sold out and some remain, we will send you only what we have and also mail you a refund for those items we were unable to send because they were already sold out.
We would not contact you for approvel on this and so please remember this.

Our online store is only set up to accept payment via credit card and there by to pay by money order you must contact us directly at the link above.

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